1. Practical Business Valuation Programme - ROV

Recipe Of Valuation (ROV) is a Practical Business Valuation Program designed to provide Optimal Values for businesses and organizations. This programme will benefit entrepreneurs, business owners & leaders and shareholders. The programme consists of 2 phases: Learning & Implementation. Phase 1 is focused on Awareness, Discoveries & Formation of Readiness of Business Valuation. Phase 2 of the programme will focus on Modelling, Calculation and Implementation of Business Values.

2. Capital Expansion & Funding Management

There are three phases in this programme: Assessment, Planning and Implementation. The programme aims to develop financial management as a core competency in support of the business development plans of organisations. Capital Expansion, including Pre-IPO Preparation, normally comes with Funding absorption and management services.






3. Key Executives Transformation Programme

Key Executive Transformation (KET) Program, is a management grooming tool focusing on the enhancing productivity to enable the transformation & breakthrough of Key Executives / Future Leaders and Decision Makers of organisations. It consists of practical & effective real-life content-modules & activities designed to enable the achievement of organizational results via Innovation, Team and Leadership.