Media & Public Relation Program

Centre For Professional Enterprises consists of veteran providers of several Public Relations & Media Services for its clients:

Product / Market / Organisation Launches Programs

VIP Reception & Launches Programs

Media-associated Write Up Services

Partial Implementation Records

Organiser & facilitator of e-Launch, e-Speaker Corner in 2000

Organiser of Heriot Watt University Chinese MBA Launch with Inti Edu Group 2000

Co-Organiser & Facilitator of PSB - SME March Launch in 2001

Co-Organiser of Action Learning Conference with SCI in 2002

Co-Organiser of Entrepreneurial Learning Seminars with ASME 2002 & 3

Co-Organiser of Professional Consultant Training Launches S’pore & Malaysia 2006

Co-Organiser of AMA’s Professional Enterprise Certification Launch 2008

Official Producer of AMA’s Professional Enterprise Certification Video Program 2008

Co-Facilitator of AMA’s Professional Enterprise Certification Straits Time Feature 2008

Co-Facilitator of AMA - Channel News Asia V Program: “In the Professional League” 2008

Co-Organiser of “CEO Learning & Gathering Programs” 2009

Co-Facilitator of “Project Branding” and “Design Thinking” System 2009

Organiser & Facilitator of Professional Enterprise (PE) Certification & Award 2010

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