Welcome to Centre For Professional Enterprises

Centre For Professional Enterprises (CPE) is a Global Business Institution headquartered in Singapore, which provides Action-Learning oriented Training, Consulting and Development Solutions for Enterprises and Corporations that command the Vision for the Asian Regional Market and beyond.

Our professional services include:

  • Capital Business Model Formation and Expansion Program.

  • Practical Business Valuation Program.

  • Key Executives Training-Coaching & Transformation Program.

To fulfill its inspiring business Vision, CPE provides its Training, Coaching and Strategic-Solutioning services via:

  • CEOs and business leaders conferences & interaction sessions.

  • In-company training & consulting sessions.

  • Central Training with off-site Coaching sessions for learners from different companies.

  • Conducting of Strategic Assessment & Performance Review for companies.

In summary, CPE promotes the motto of: Empowering Success Through Professionalism & Action-Learning


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